I have visited Italy many times and I think I can compare North and South of this beautiful country. From the first impression, I can feel that people in the south are friendlier than in the north, people are they are more positive and happier. Southern people are not as stressed as those from the North. They are not in a hurry all the time. On the other hand, they are much noisier and they fall into their emotions more quickly, which can be both good and bad in the same time. Northern people are less emotional. Also the weather in the south is warmer, so fruits and vegetables are sweeter, more colourful and juicier than in the north of the country. If I should compare nature and countryside, it is quite difficult. It usually depends on the person. If you prefer mountains or doing sightseeing round the city, you will enjoy the North. But people who seek for lying on the beach and taking sun will love the South. Both are wonderful. All in all, Italy is a land blessed by God!!! ☺☺☺


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